"La mémoire la plus profonde est une mémoire de toute notre destinée" Jean Guitton

Graduated in Fashion and Social Sciences, after eight years in Paris, Catharina Florence developed Mamie Leonie in honor of her French great-grandmother, Léonie. Mamie, grandma in French, translates this tribute in a spontaneous and natural way.

Pieces that bring meaning, evoke a story and, over time become part of who we are. Mamie Leonie is not only about style, but a way of life.

Coincidentally, Marcel Proust's famous youth vacation in Combray, which inspired him to write his acclaimed work À La Recherche du Temps Perdu , takes place in the said house of his aunt Léonie. Marcel Proust is based on a conception of memory related to a philosophical vision of time, in which memories can put the past and the present on the same plane. Mamie Leonie gives rise to this same conception, where the chevalières take the place of Proust's madeleines.

 The importance of tradition leaves nothing to be desired of the pieces modern and timeless design. The contemporary vintage. And eternal.

Les bijoux à ne jamais enlever !